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Local Search Marketing

Local search marketing is something that can probably help your business. Many inquiries we receive include conversations on how to improve local search results on Google. We’ve written this article to provide a basic road map for creating local search business listings. If your business relies on nearby customers, local search should be a major part of your internet marketing strategy. Why Local Search Marketing Matter Local search business listings occupy a highly visible area on search engine results pages. These [...]

How to Create Local Search Citations

Local Search Marketing How to create and manage your local search citations and business listings Controlling local search citations is absolutely essential for local search results visibility. Local SEO requires either hiring a local SEO company, or devoting a lot of hours to do the work yourself. This article provides information on how to do local SEO, including a long list of citation sites with links to each site. If you want the easy way to local search success you can [...]

SEO Experts and Why Most SEO Articles Are Worthless

Finding the Top SEO Experts and Best SEO Articles Learn the top SEO experts and why most SEO articles are not worth reading Published on September 5, 2015 by: James Hobson If you've been in this industry very long you should have learned that most SEO articles are generally low quality to completely worthless. A while back I read Enchantment by Guy Kawasaki. The book is a well written presentation on being genuine, providing value and working from the heart. The books [...]

How to Recognize SEO Scams

Tips on Hiring a Good SEO Company Learn how to find a reputable SEO service and avoid scams Published on June 15, 2015 by: James Hobson Originally published on 12-27-2012 on Blogger Every day numerous innocent business owners are duped by online SEO scams, greedy advertising companies, and people who are simply using the lure of cheap SEO services to hustle cash. As this year draws to a close we thought this would be a good subject to discuss to help people [...]

How to Do a SEO Link Audit

SEO Back-Link Audit to Mitigate Ranking Google Penalties How to do a strategic back-link check and cleanup Published on September 30, 2015 by: James Hobson Originally published on 1-04-2013 on Blogger A strategic link audit process is an essential part of every search engine optimization initiative. When you have completed a comprehensive link audit you will have the information needed to develop a customized link building strategy. This includes finding quality back link opportunities and removing unwanted back-links. that improves search engine ranking [...]