PPC Management

PPC Management Services

We provide complete PPC management services for Google AdWords, Bing, LinkedIn and Facebook. PPC advertising is the easiest way to get top positions on search engines. PPC management is how you make paid search a cost-effective lead generator.

About our PPC advertising services

PPC Management Services

  • Full program set-up and management
  • Geo targeting and display time settings
  • Ad extensions for phone and site links
  • Google review of new Adwords accounts
  • Campaign architecture development
  • Ad group creation and ad copy writing
  • A/B split ad testing for optimizing
  • Keyword research and clustering
  • Negative keyword list development
  • PPC competitor research
  • Landing page design
  • Active, manual bid management
  • PPC campaign analytics and metrics

PPC Management Pricing

PPC management costs vary depending on the size of the program.  We use flat rate billing with a $500 minimum monthly management fee.

Click charges are paid directly by the client to the service provider.  This allows clients to scale their monthly click charges up or down without any rate increase for our management services.

PPC program set-up fees typically range from $300 to $750.  For new advertisers we can usually provide an Adwords credit coupon.

PPC Analytics & Reports

PPC advertising platforms always have some sort of dashboard to show performance metrics.  Adwords data in particular can be merged with Google Analytics to provide a more complete picture of user activity.

We can integrate analytics code into your website, and provide PPC analytics consulting to help you understand how well your paid search advertising is working.

We can also pull detailed PPC competitor information to further gain a competitive edge.


PPC advertising and SEO services are actually perfect companions. PPC advertising can quickly place your business where you want it to be found. SEO builds rankings for specific placements however; picking up organic ranking takes some time. PPC is the best way to control visibility.

Use PPC to get immediate results where you need it. As your organic ranking moves you into competitive rankings you can scale back PPC efforts for certain keywords. PPC advertising enables you to aggressively target qualified traffic.  We identify the keywords and search phrases that generate leads for what matters most to your business.

We offer PPC management services for Google Adwords, Bing Ads, LinkedIn Ads and Facebook Advertising. Get in touch with us to learn more about our PPC services.

PPC Support Services for the Do-It-Yourself Crowd

PPC advertising success is built on finding keywords and search phrases that are relevant and highly searched. Keyword clustering improves ad group performance.  We use keyword research software to find the best keywords for our clients.  For do-it-yourself PPC managers we can provide keyword research reports and keyword clustering consulting.

Would you like detailed information about your competitors PPC advertising programs?  Our PPC competitor reports provide details including keyword lists, bid information, ad variations, click through rates and other useful data.  We offer data for do-it-yourself PPC managers.

Landing page design makes a huge difference in conversion rates.  PPC advertising is the most cost effective when on-page conversion rates are high. We can create custom PPC landing pages for HTML and WordPress websites.  We provide design, copy writing and website coding services.

PPC remarketing is an advanced method of paid search advertising which improves lead generation.  If you’ve ever had a business ad that keeps showing up on your search pages then you’ve seen remarketing in action.  We can integrate website coding and create the many ad sizes you need.

Our preferred PPC advertising platforms

Google Adwords

Google Adwords PPC Management Services

Google Adwords is our personal favorite among all pay per click advertising platforms. Google Adwords reaches the largest audience with the most successful PPC advertising model on the planet.  Integrating Adwords into Analytics provides our clients with detailed reporting.  Our team is backed up with direct Google support via a dedicated account rep.

Bing Ads

Bing Ads PPC Management Services

Bing Ads, formerly MSN adCenter, is our second favorite paid search services.  Bing ads can provide quality leads. Although Bing has significantly less traffic than Google, the cost per click on Bing is almost always lower. The user demographic on Bing is slightly different than Google which provides a strategic advantage for certain types of businesses.

Social Media Ads

LinkedIn Ads and Facebook Advertising PPC Management Services

Facebook Advertising and LinkedIn Ads have good potential for building your brand at a low cost.  Actual lead generation results are almost always far less than results from Google Adwords or Bing Ads.  Facebook is better for B2C service businesses. LinkedIn is ideal for precise targeting of B2B advertising.  These are our second tier PPC advertising choices.

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