Online Brand Marketing

Online Brand Marketing & Management

Whether your company is large or small, every customer interaction drives a set of beliefs about your business.  Proper brand marketing and brand management builds and reinforces positive beliefs.

Online brand marketing and brand management is an integral part of a well developed internet marketing strategy. Regardless of the success you’ve achieved in your website ranking or online visibility your business can fail if your brand is tarnished. In a relatively short time you could lose most or all of the success earned from your search marketing and website optimization.

This page tells you how to create an online branding strategy, and protect it with our list of best brand management ideas.

Why You Need a Branding Strategy

In many ways branding is the business equivalent of rules you would use to raise a child to be a highly functioning adult. A company’s brand is a mix of perceptions, beliefs and expectations others have about your products or services. In short, it’s the persona and reputation of the business.

Companies with the best brands command better prices, have stability or growth in market share, and attract good things. The best talents want to work for strong brands, investors and banks seek out top brands, and companies with high brand popularity enjoy customer loyalty.

How to Create an Online Branding Strategy

Create the vision

Identify the things that make customers want to buy from you. Determine how you want customers to see your business, and what you want them to say about your business. And it should go without saying but, your company has to be able to support the vision. Move these concepts into tangible marketing communications elements – fonts, colors, logos, tag lines and messaging.

It’s also a good idea to have a shortlist of things that are taboo in building and managing your brand. This can be as simple as guidelines on color usage or how your logo is displayed to more complex concepts such as company culture and community conduct.

Inform brand managers and representatives

With a formal foundation for your brand launch and management in hand, inform anyone who will manage, influence or represent the brand on protocol and decorum. Enthusiasm and consistency in messaging are very important. Some companies go as far as creating a social media policy for employees and vendors who choose to post comments about the business.

Monitor your online reputation

You can’t control and lead the conversation if you don’t know what or where the conversation is being held. Using something as easy as Google Alerts can help you to find online mentions of your business. You may need to do manual checks on social media sites or local search review sites.

Engage with a friendly voice

Keep your finger on the pulse of your customers and engage with positive energy. Brands are better developed when you reach out to answer questions, solve problems and create an aura of “being good guys”. Working in news of specials or promotions is about as close as your conversations should come to a sales pitch.

Don’t get emotionally drawn into arguments with people posting negative reviews on social media or local search sites like Yelp. Handling negative reviews and gripe sites takes finesse and experience. Because online reviews can live forever, this is an area where you may want to hire a professional online reputation management service to handle the problems.

Personal Branding

Every business professional should invest the time to develop their personal brand.  A simple Google search for most any seasoned business professional will usually return at least some bit of information.  When you work on your personal branding you are in effect managing the information available to the public.

Whether it’s building a stellar reputation or trying to distance yourself from something like a DUI arrest you need to pay attention to your personal image online.

Reputation Management

Protect your reputation

Yeah, that customer.  It is a fact that “you can’t please everyone”. There will always be that customer who will complain no matter what you do.  Sometimes competitors post negatives.  The need is to quickly find reviews and address them in an appropriate manner.

Losing business? Companies do lose business because a prospective customer read bad reviews and moved on to a competitor. Without a reputation management process you can lose business to competitors.

Our reputation management services utilize software for 24/7 monitoring of the internet for reviews and comments.  Depending on available options, we engage with positive comments, work to make the remarks less visible, and sometimes can have offending remarks deleted.  Our reputation management services enable prompt action to protect your company, brand or personal online reputation.

Digital Public Relations

Engaging your online audience with positive news and announcements is a great way to impact your brand reputation.  The use of online press releases for link building is not a good practice.  Using premium press release services with a well crafted press release improves your branding, reaches a wide audience and avoids any negatives associated with spammy link building.

Our premium press release writing and publishing services start at only $250, and turnaround is approximately 3-5 days.