Local SEO

Local SEO

Local search marketing can get your business placed above organic rankings.

Local SEO search marketing servicesWhat is Local SEO? Local SEO, or local search marketing, refers to positioning a business website for searches where geographical location of the business is an important factor in deciding who to contact.

Local search engines are extremely important for service businesses such as plumbers, air conditioning repair, auto repair, restaurants and more. There are numerous local search sites where you need a business listing or company page. We offer the local search listing creation and local search listing optimization services to get your business listing placed where potential customers are searching.

A particular value of having a top local search ranking is how well your business can engage mobile users. A search results page on a phone may first show as little as two paid search ads and two to three local search listings. These prominent rankings will be clicked far more often by mobile search users. Mobile device traffic is often 15-60% of the website traffic for a business. You cannot afford to miss this traffic.

Our local search marketing services can increase customer phone calls, in-store foot traffic and form submissions. Request Local SEO information

Finding the best local search websites

Local search engines and directory sites.What Do You Need? There are numerous local search engines, ranging from major search engines to niche online directories. Our local search experts can match your business to best local search engines, then claim or create your business profile. Factors such as search engine visibility, traffic volume, and user demographics all matter when trying to find the most relevant citation sites.

Creating effective local search business pages

The most important part of every business page listing is providing complete information about your business. You should complete as many fields and options as reasonably possible. Provide information that is useful to customers, not just advertising hype. Your physical location information and business description needs to be virtually identical on every site. Adding photos and video content is a good idea. You can also reach local customers via social media management.

How to optimize a local search listing

Optimizing local search listings is the key to improving ranking. Write your description with information that is important to the customer. Go light on promotional language and focus on facts. Do not use stock photography, instead use original photos of your business, people and work. Ideally, take the photos with a high quality phone camera with geo-tagging turned on. Use images that clearly convey something relevant to your business.

Let us do your local search marketing!

Request information on local search packages or order our do-it-yourself guide.

Get in touch with us to learn more about our local search marketing services.  We can create and customize Google Places, Bing Places, Yahoo Local and important local search citation sites.

If you’re a do it yourself person you should order our local search development guide.  The easy to use guide includes a template for organizing your information, and links to over 75 local search sites.

To learn more simply contact us online or give us a call.

Learn why local search matters

We claim or create and optimize local search business listings and citation sites

Through a strategic alliance with E-Platform Marketing we are able to provide Yext Certified Partner services.  Using  API connections we can manage numerous citation sites and directory listings.  We manually control sites lacking API access.

Our ability to provide complete and consistent information among properties maximizes your potential to achieve high visibility in local search results.  Check your visibility with a FREE Listing Audit Tool.

Custom graphics increase user engagement and conversions.

Custom graphics for local search and social media business pages.

Our creative team can convert a default landing page into a visually striking online billboard.

Creating an effective local search business page often includes an opportunity to create custom graphics for cover photos, profile photos, header images and more.

Visually upgrading your local search business pages improves branding and increases customer conversions. By adding custom graphics and compelling text you can create a better user experience – and stand out from your uninspired competition.

The example photo shows a before and after Google Places cover image. Custom graphics should be developed and placed on other local search and social media business pages.