Digital Marketing Intelligence

What is Digital Marketing Intelligence?

Per Forrester Research digital marketing intelligence is; “The capture, management and analysis of customer data to deliver a holistic view of the digital customer experience that drives the measurement, optimization and execution of digital customer interactions.” In simple terms, it is acquiring accurate and meaningful information about online user desires and actions in order to refine your online marketing efforts. Digital marketing intelligence enables you to optimize your internet marketing program and maximize results.

Being smart about intelligence

The first things to understand are what information you need, why you need it and how you can use it. It seems that as companies grow the obsession seems to be in the volume of information, data and metrics that can be obtained. The information leads to long boring meetings filled with spreadsheets, pivot charts, graphs and mindless discussion. This is where managers confuse being busy with being productive.

On the other hand, being smart about intelligence is focusing on the core metrics and information that can guide productive actions. The most important question to ask is “so what are we going to do with this information?“. If the answer goes back to only updating spreadsheets and graphs you need to rethink what you are doing. Every piece of information that garners your attention should enable you to make actionable decisions. Successful results, not data, constitute intelligence.

Marketing intelligence for small business

A small business typically does not have the budget for non-revenue producing services. However, for a small business a slight improvement can make a big difference. We can complete an abbreviated mix of tasks and provide an action plan report for a very reasonable cost.

A typical small business engagement often includes a client interview including a Q&A session, consulting on Google Analytics and a formal recommendation of critical improvement actions.

Flexible deployment and implementation

As a full service internet marketing company we can manage the implementation of improvements to any digital assets.

Many of our new clients have online marketing assets created by people who do not understand best practices or know the many things that need to be done. We fill the knowledge gap with services such as creation of social media business pages, local search business pages, and PPC advertising campaigns. We also set-up, configure and integrate Google Search Console, Google Tags Manager and Google Analytics.

Digital marketing intelligence process

Digital marketing intelligence process flow diagram.

The digital marketing intelligence process is a continual improvement process. Optimal results occur when the management loop is expedient enough to enable timely decisions and adjustments.

  • LEARNING: This is the research and discovery process where you explore your competitive situation, market conditions and internal environment. This situational analysis lets you know strengths, weaknesses, threats and opportunities.
  • PLANNING: This is where raw data is pushed through cognitive and intuitive filters to develop strategic planning and implementation strategies. And yes, strategic planning is just educated guessing.
  • IMPLEMENTATION: This is the phase where digital assets are created, content developed, publishing mediums and distribution platforms identified, and things go live. This typically includes your website, social media, and online advertising.
  • REALITY CHECK: This is where analytics data and conversions measurements let you know how well you are doing on achieving your objectives. Gaps between plans and actual results could be from bad planning or temporary external influences.
  • ADJUSTING: This is the beginning and the end. Every adjustment phase is the end of certain actions and the start of new actions. Tracking changes and results provides more info to improve your digital marketing intelligence.

Our most popular digital marketing intelligence services

Analytics & Tracking

Google Analytics is a must-have for your website. Additionally you need utilize the SEO benefits provided by Google Tags Manager and Google Search Console. These free tools provide an incredible wealth of information on general site performance, user metrics and problems. Kowing your website’s bounce rate, time on site, time on page, traffic sources and similar information is important. This information enables you to continually improve your site.

Keyword Research

Keyword research plays a vital role in organic SEO, PPC management and content marketing services. Proper keyword research identifies relevant search terms, monthly traffic for terms, and related words and phrases. Developing clusters of related words and phrases is a way of creating sets of keywords for “theming” pages and optimizing PPC ad groups. Deeper keyword research goes into finding long tail search phrases and sets of localized phrases.

Trending Content Topics

Content marketing is one of the best practices to improve search engine ranking. To generates the shares, likes and retweets you want, you need to know what topics are of interest. Our content marketing research tools identify hot trending topics. Our social media team can guide you to the best content marketing sites to curate and publish your articles. We also offer content creation and publishing services for blog articles and social media posts.

Local Competitor Data

Local search marketing is a critical element of a successful internet marketing program for a B2C business. Learning how your competitors have optimized their local search business pages, and which citations sites matter can equip you to improve your local search ranking. Since Google cut their local search display from seven to 3 companies you need every competitive advantage you can muster. We can help you to optimize local search listings using competitor intelligence.

PPC Competitor Data

Paid search advertising is a very competitive environment. You can lower PPC costs and reach more customers by learning from your top online competition. Using specialized PPC analytics software we can pull detailed information about PPC competitors. We extract information ranging from ad variations and their top keywords, to CPC bids and actual CTR performance. The net result is your business gaining a competitive advantage and improving PPC advertising results.

Organic Competitor Data

Search engine optimization can be far more effective when you understand what your top competitors are doing to have high rankings for the best keywords and search phrases. You can improve your search engine rankings with information gained from analyzing your competitors website code and content, back links profile and other off-site work. We can perform in depth SEO site audits to discover exactly what needs to be done to improve your search engine rankings.