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TigerSEO Marketing offers complete content marketing services for creating unique, quality articles, infographics, and video content. Our content marketing experts can also publish your content across numerous sites, channels and platforms.

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What Is Content Marketing?

How Content Marketing Can Help Your BusinessContent Marketing is an online marketing method which involves creating and publishing informative content about a particular subject.

Content marketing is unlike traditional advertising. Content marketing is a marketing approach that improves branding and nurtures the customer relationship. Content marketing informs and educates prospects, almost always in a manner to shape opinions and perceptions. The best content marketing strategies utilize a mix of media with information that answers questions and solves problems for your existing and potential customers. While opinions vary, ours is that content marketing and inbound marketing are indeed the same thing.

Content Marketing Strategy

The most successful content marketing campaigns have a well developed content marketing strategy. Because of the time involved to produce any piece of quality work, it is important to be very deliberate in purpose and measure.

Developing a content marketing strategy

  • Know your audience. Defining personas determines voice and styling of content.
  • Identify steps of your buying cycle. This helps with developing a message that supports the interest level.
  • Understand how to reach buyers. It is imperative to know search terms and topics of interest.
  • Measure and analyze. Utilize analytics to capture key performance metrics and make adjustments.

After you’ve developed a solid content marketing strategy it’s time to consider deliverables and distribution. Depending upon the audience you will need to create different types of content, and utilize a mix of delivery platforms. Learn and adapt.

Content Marketing Services

We offer a comprehensive set of services to develop, implement and manage successful content marketing campaigns. Our services are broadly classified as writing, graphics design and video production. We also write copy for website designers.

Our content marketing services range from client interviews to develop strategies and creative briefs, to creating and publishing deliverables. Our content marketing services leverage skills in marketing research, journalism, copy writing, graphics design, videography, editing and online publishing.

Content Marketing Prices

As with any of our services pricing varies. Our approach is to define the client’s objectives, and find the optimal level of services that can be delivered within budget. Our minimum monthly rate is $750 however; a more realistic budget is $1,500 and up. Considering all of the specialized skills required this is a very reasonable rate to produce quality work. Success  comes down to how many hours and the quality level you can afford.

Content Marketing Platforms

There are numerous content marketing platforms on which to publish your items. The various platforms each have unique advantages and drawbacks. Part of our services is to find the best platforms for our client’s particular audience and type of content.

The best content marketing platforms

People too often respond quickly to the word “best”, and give little thought as to what makes something “the best”. For us, we view “best content marketing platform” as what is the most suitable, pragmatic and effective site or content distribution channel.

Sites such as Hootsuite and Curata enable you to find, curate and share information. Content marketing specialists at a social media marketing company will publish and promote video content on Buffer, YouTube, and Vimeo. Articles may be published on sites such as LinkedIn. These sites have wide variances in user demographics. Your choices of content publishing sites should those that have a user demographics that matching your target audience profile.

Types of Inbound Marketing Content

Our inbound marketing deliverables are broadly classified as creative or technical writing, graphics design and coding, and video production.

Creative and technical writing

Writing informative articles, technical white papers, blog posts and case studies are the most common types of written deliverables.

Graphics design and coding

This area of content includes landing page development, infographics, social media graphics and images used for articles and blog posts. Depending on how content is published, markup coding can make it more search friendly.

Video production and publishing

Video production ranges from relatively simple pieces to high-end HD on-site digital video production for publishing on YouTube or Vimeo.

Why content marketing works

Content marketing is the opposite of the in-your-face way of selling or advertising a product or service. Making it easy for buyers to learn more about your product or service improves conversions. When done properly, the prospect is able to move through pre-purchase research and evaluations without sales noise. To this point, content marketing provides useful, relevant and user focused information. From this point a prospect is comfortable moving to a purchase mindset.

The savvy content marketing company knows that you can achieve optimal results when you engage potential customers on a personal level. When people detect a sales pitch they tend to be somewhat doubtful of the information presented. Your social media marketing efforts on social media sites, blogs and forums provide the opportunity to engage prospects in a conversational manner.

The bottom line on successful content marketing is knowing where to find your customers online, what they are trying to discover, how to present the information, and consistently bringing it all together.

Popular Reasons for Using Content Marketing

  • Build brand awareness
  • Influence potential buyers
  • Strengthen customer loyalty
  • Attract quality talent
  • Increase website traffic
  • Announce interesting news
  • Generate/nurture leads

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