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E-Platform Marketing, LLC TigerSEO Internet Marketing is a registered servicemark and brand name owned by E-Platform Marketing, LLC. Most of the website development projects shown in our website design portfolio are branded with an E-Platform Marketing footer credit. All website examples represent our collaborative efforts, and were created by designers and developers in our Atlanta, Georgia office. We do not outsource website development work to foreign countries. We develop websites in HTML, XHTML, PHP, ASP, ASPX, MySQL, including platforms such as Wordpress, Drupal, and Joomla. We also do mobile website development and mobile App development.

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TigerSEO Marketing is a full service website development and website marketing company. We have a nationwide client base that includes B2C, B2B and industrial businesses. Our website development team has the technical knowledge, coding skills and resources to manage almost any website development project. We offer database creation, e-commerce shopping carts, searchable catalogs, video integration and website design including copy writing.

Website Developers Our website development services include every aspect of creating aricher user experience with tools and functionalities that will enage users and drive conversions. To further support our website development clients we offer a full range of search engine optimization and search engine marketing services.

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E-Commerce & Catalog Solutions Our clients are increasingly turning to their website to generate more sales leads and sales revenue. For some it makes sense to sell their products online with an e-commerce shopping cart, while other clients rely on a searchable catalog to promote online inquiries (lead generation). Having your products viewable online, with photos and descriptions, will increase online conversions. Detailed product information found in online catalogs can also improve organic search engine rankings.

Social Media and RSS Feeds Social media management and RSS feeds management are definite considerations for a well developed website. Being able to consolidate news and information distribution, effortlessly share information between social media sites and build your online presence should be part of your website development process.

Website Developers Video and Multimedia Creation Visually driven people are increasingly moving online to find more content. Videos do an excellent job of conveying a message, providing a product demonstration or delivering an educational tutorial that will hold users on your site and influence thier pre-purchase decisions. Additionally, videos and multimedia can be leveraged for social media marketing, viral marketing, video blogging and video marketing.

Content Management Systems CMS are available however we typicaly discourage their use. A content management system essentially takes over your site and when you outgrow the CMS you will have a huge problem trying to extract your site from the CMS. Additionally, a less informed person who manages site content can quickly ruin on-page search engine optimization. We recommend hiring us on an as-needed basis to perform content changes and updates. An exception to this is client managed blog, where there are no issues from adding fresh content such as news articles, press releases and similar content.

Website Support Services As a full service website development company we offer support services that range from domain registration and affordable web hosting to website maintenance and a wide range of search engine marketing services. We offer nearly everything that you may want or need.

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Website Development vs. Design

People are often confused when trying to understand website design versus website development. A website developer carries out the heavy lifting to create well performing functionalities, often database driven, that allow for video integration, searchable catalogs, e-commerce shopping carts, content management systems and related coding.

A website designer handles graphical design, page layouts and manages the visual aspects of website usability. A website designer is responsible for creating the tactile aspects of the user experience. The overall creation of a website is usually the collaboration of website developers and designers.

Mobile Application Development

Mobile App and Mobile Website Development People are constantly on the go and seeking new information while traveling. Sales of smart phones and mobile devices is far higher than the number of traditional computers, including combining the sales of laptop and desktop computers. As mobile devices continue to become more sophisticated, mobile searches and mobile based shopping will greatly increase. You need to leverage mobile search.

Mobile Applications provide an exceptional tool to engage new customers, and retain the business of exisitng customers. Mobile Apps can be developed to provide a variety of support functions. Call us today to learn more about mobile app development services.

" . . . Spending the time and money to create a new website design and develop a new e-commerce system worked out better than I expected. I never knew what Drupal was, but I like it now! . . ."
Mark Warner
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